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Thursday, March 13, 2008

, originally uploaded by jurvetson.

Excellent photo. Click on it to see what it is.

Saturn, through 82" telescope,reprocessed

Photo by Jeff Barton and Josh Walawender.

Now I simply cannot take a shot like this with my gear. Wow, an 82 inch telescope.

Stunning Singapore River

Stunning Singapore River, originally uploaded by leonghimwoh.

Simply a beautiful photo. Makes you want to go there.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Pathway to Heaven

A Pathway to Heaven, originally uploaded by ^riza^.

A very well composed shot. Photoshoped for IR effect.

Aelse #12

Aelse #12, originally uploaded by josef.stuefer.

A beautiful black & white infrared shot.

1. Coucou !

1. Coucou !, originally uploaded by gadl.

Fun with photoshop. Nice way to make an otherwise uninteresting photo interesting.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


respite, originally uploaded by chelseagirl.

Nice inviting photo.

Practice Makes Perfect (ii)

Stretching for the ballet. What a wonderful pinkish tone to this photograph.

Family feb 2006

Family feb 2006, originally uploaded by yasmapaz.

More Blythe dolls

Ava with her new eyes!!

Ava with her new eyes!!, originally uploaded by yasmapaz.

A Blythe doll

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tugboat on Chicago River by Trump Tower

Kind of a painterly feel to this HDR shot.

Taking a walk

00025248, originally uploaded by Woodland Susan.

La de da. Oops, we forgot our pants.

The Sun and the Tree

The Sun and the Tree, originally uploaded by Indy Kethdy.

What an awesome mood setting photo.

Grand Cypress

Grand Cypress, originally uploaded by Kyle May.

Reach for the top.

The photo was taken with an internally modified infrared only Nikon D50.

bright future

bright future, originally uploaded by 416style.

Nice lamps.


, originally uploaded by Alessandro Vernet.

Hey! How'd that guy get in my photo?

Nude and captured.

Nude and captured., originally uploaded by ioerror.

Rope panties. The next fad!

Laurel Lake

Laurel Lake, originally uploaded by Zach Klein.

Time to skinny dip.


*****, originally uploaded by .TatianaSapateiro..

A lovely photo. Nice lighting.

Nice air!

lips your content

lips your content, originally uploaded by ckaroli.

For this reason alone, it's always good to have a camera with you.

Yoga Soup

Yoga Soup, originally uploaded by Zestbienbeautouza.

Nice use of empty space.

Happy Yoga

Happy Yoga, originally uploaded by denn.

Have a happy day.

paris yoga

paris yoga, originally uploaded by austinevan.

Nice vantage point.

Physiological effects of poetry (scanner art hehe)

An interesting "photo" taken with a scanner. Who would have thought.


Benirras, originally uploaded by Wildebeast1.

I just love the mood of this photo.


Balance, originally uploaded by kk+.

It's going to take me years to do this.

Bikram Yoga - with Bikram Choudhury

Now that is one intense class. Not like the one I do at work.

NYC Street Painter

Grand Street: Painter, originally uploaded by moriza.

You probably see this every day in NYC. A lot of inspiring spots to paint.

Friday, March 7, 2008

San Francisco

San Francisco, originally uploaded by wili_hybrid.

A nice photo of the Golden Gate bridge.

Nobody puts baby in a corner

nobody, originally uploaded by michale.

A line made famous by Patrick Swayze in "Dirty Dancing".

God, I hope he can survive the pancreatic cancer.

Surfer At Fort Point

Surfer At Fort Point, originally uploaded by Dawn Endico.

A nice picture.

Burning Man 228

Burning Man 228, originally uploaded by RuthlessLogic.

The Burning Man is an event that I'd like to go to some day.

it´s a sin [censored]

Great photo. There's a statement in here somewhere.

The Bugatti Veyron 16-4

A sweet ride with a million dollar price tag.

a kind of magic

Very nice picture in search of a blog post.

Nude on New York City Billboard: Bloomingdales

When will we get billboards like this in Columbus? Answer: Never.

That's just too bad. Ain't it?


untitled, originally uploaded by procsilas.

Don't think my local Art in Public Places committee would approve this sculpture.

"The angel of the city",
Marino Marini,
Peggy Guggenheim Collection,

Urban Sexy Workshop

Digital-Flyer, originally uploaded by B Photographic.

Anyone have $595 to donate to me? :)

The Karma Foundation at the Playboy mansion.

Lucky Guy. From a Karma Foundation event at the Playboy Mansion

Downtown Manhattan

Downtown Manhattan, originally uploaded by 708718.

You definitely can't achieve this effect in camera. A lovely HDR shot.


Grand Street: Texting, originally uploaded by moriza.

Not exactly great biking shoes. But I suppose she manages.

Orton Urban Acid Street

Orton Urban Acid Street, originally uploaded by SarahCartwright.

There is so much beauty that can be found in urban life.

urban raptor

urban raptor, originally uploaded by mugley.

Very nice photo that was actually made from two separate photographs.

urban geometries 2 - sky corridors

urban geometries 2 - sky corridors, originally uploaded by Uqbar.

A very surreal photo of the EC building in Brussels. Read how the photographer explains how the shot was taken.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

SunGrappa - Sun Series

SunGrappa - Sun Series, originally uploaded by Vox_Efx.

What a great shot. Love the dog.


torso, originally uploaded by Vox_Efx.

Time to get out to the beach. Blizzard is coming tomorrow.

Topless on New York City Billboard

Wow, this is from a billboard in NYC? Maybe we're loosening up after all.

Big Beach at Makena

Big Beach at Makena, originally uploaded by laszlo-photo.

In Maui. On the other side of the rocks is Little Beach, Maui's nude beach.


January, originally uploaded by jurek d..

The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

Very nice picture. I can see it on someone's blog post.

Over the Bay

Over the Bay, originally uploaded by Joe Hastings.

Whoa guy, don't jump!

Nice picture.